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Barry J. Parrish

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Work History – Professional Experience


“Barry is a dynamic and visionary leader who lasers in on new and unique opportunities to grow an organization to greatness. Over the past five years I have worked with him, he has helped to grow the company to a national
footprint through amazing leadership. He has incredible respect from the many franchisees that I have met. I am privileged to know Barry, and I look forward to working with him in the upcoming years as well.”

Suzanne Newman, Founder & Executive Director
Answers for Elders Foundation


“During my 50 years in Marketing (36, C Suite) Barry is the single most complete executive I have ever met. His command of every marketing issue is awesome. He starts work early each day and most often turns off the lights at night. Having started as a newspaperman he is a fast and excellent writer. Even more so as a speaker. Over and over again people leaving his presentations tell me that he the most inspiring and best they have ever heard. One last point: He has a sixth sense and is a master of managing franchisee groups.”

Martin M. Mitchell,Chairman & Chief Marketing Officer
Bodden Partners ($150+ million New York advertising agency)
(Formerly Vice Chairman, Saatchi & Saatchi Advertising, New York)

“Barry is a creative, dedicated and driven Marketing professional. He has been there to mentor and coach me on several different marketing initiatives that I implemented. Barry is a forward thinker and resourceful visionary and his advice helped us become one of the top sales producing franchisees.”

Bryant Greene, Franchise Owner
Always Best Care – Philadelphia & Delaware

“Barry’s efforts brought Always Best Care into national television and online advertising for the very first times, and his ability to create integrated traditional and digital campaigns drove visitors to our website and resulted in
Always Best Care consistently ranking within the top three brands in visitors per franchise, despite our not even being within the top ten brands in total franchise size. His programs made significant contributions to our franchisees’ growth, as franchise revenues increased from $9.6 million in 2010 to more than $100 million in 2015.”

David J. Caesar,Vice President Operations
Always Best Care Senior Services

“Barry Parrish is a highly aware, analytical marketing professional who put me through my paces in each and every presentation. His scrutiny and foresight pushed me to come up with innovative measuring tools for the investments he made to build a marketing program using multiple integrated media, with smart ideas at every level.”

Jones Olowoniyi,Franchise Owner
Always Best Care – Hollywood – Broward County

“I worked with Barry on our National Advertising Committee for several years. Barry was always prepared and went to great lengths to bring in new opportunities. If I was looking for an excellent Vice President of Marketing I would not hesitate hiring him.”

Bill Mathis,Franchise Owner
Always Best Care – San Diego


“During his stay with BlueWater, Barry was able to turn the operation around, increase employee morale, establish clear short and long-term plans, and launch new marketing programs that generated substantial new revenues. He also initiated a merger of the Hotel and Casino to provide better guest service and reduce annual payroll expenses by nearly a half million dollars. There are many positive things he accomplished and started despite constantly banging into a wall, as the Tribal Council was of two distinct power factions with a history of unrest and five recalls in the past three years. Despite this, Barry was able to set a positive example for all employees and rapidly move the enterprise forward.”

G. Michael Eigenbrodt,formerly Director of Human Resources
Colorado River Indian Tribes (owner of BlueWater Resort & Casino)
(currently President & CEO, InterAgency Services, Lake Havasu AZ)

“Barry is a dedicated leader, and always has fresh ideas to throw around. I worked for him as a designer, and I was very impressed with all his amazing advertising ideas, and how he collaborated with others. As a Graphic Artist, if I had to stay late for one of Barry’s projects he would stick it out too, until the job was done. I would absolutely recommend Barry.”

Gene Smith,Graphic Artist
BlueWater Resort & Casino


“Barry Parrish is a magician! He single-handedly gave the company we both worked for a top-level, international reputation. Barry’s efforts made it a “household name” within the industry. The fact that the company subsequently failed to live up to it’s reputation had nothing to do with Barry; in fact, the company lasted quite a bit longer than it would have had he not been there.”

Melody Kirk-Wagner,formerly Executive Assistant, AFM Hospitality Corporation
(currently Project Manager, System Health, Expedia)

“Barry is a sales and marketing expert with a heart of gold! Well versed in his field, cultured, articulate, detail oriented and talented — Barry communicates well with everyone. Assuredly, Barry was always very thoughtful about his work. He took a personal interest in his people and worked hard for them and the customer.”

Corinna Mears, PHR,formerly Director HRD & Risk Management, AFM Hospitality
(currently Human Resources Manager, JCK Restaurants (Carl’s Jr.

“Barry was detailed, energetic and knowledgeable about his company’s goals and resources. His background in the industry and his experience in all aspects of product promotion helped us achieve high quality and positive feedback from the partners with whom we worked. He brings a strong sense of what will work and how to achieve the goals within a budget.”

Wendy Dore,Owner, The Marketing Partners, Inc.
Advertising Agency for AFM Hospitality Corporation


Barry is a pleasure to work with … committed to his properties’ success and always open to new ideas. As a result of Barry’s support, we were able to create an innovative marketing program with what was, then, an untested new organization, Group Leaders of America. Thanks to Barry’s support, the “May We Suggest?” program was hugely successful with our individual Howard Johnson properties. I can’t say enough about the spirit of cooperation that was always a part of working with Barry. Barry had earned the respect of his franchise community. Knowledgeable, cooperative, innovative (and charming) … Barry was the perfect marketing leader as Howard Johnson re-imagined itself as part of the HFS/Cendant organization. He was a key player in turning Howard Johnson around!”

Mary Wiley,formerly Senior Director: Tour Markets, Cendant Corporation
(currently Partner, Hospitality Impact Marketing)

“Barry had a very difficult assignment managing a declining brand thru a difficult process … and set the brand on track for explosive growth domestically and internationally.”

Tom McNulty, formerly Group Vice President, Marketing, Cendant Corporation
(currently President & CEO, Trinity Marketing LLC)

“Barry is an innovative marketing leader who had great relationships with franchisees. He knows how to get the most from advertising agencies, and I saw him as a terrific team leader and team builder. He also has a thorough understanding of how to blend national and local programs. Barry is a genuine asset who makes a difference.”

Bill Sage, formerly Chief Operating Officer, Sage Hotel Corporation
(currently franchise owner, Sport Clips

“Barry Parrish is a very creative individual who has a lot of drive and enthusiasm. He knows how to make things happen!”

Roger Solomon, formerly Vice President, International Sales, Cendant Corporation
(currently Chairman & Managing Director, Worldwide Travel Marketing, Inc.)

“Barry has assisted me in building my career in challenging me in so many marketing and media disciplines.  He sees opportunities, is smart, thinks out of the box and is detailed oriented. I learned a great deal from Barry when I worked together with him at Howard Johnson.”

Monika M. Stickel, formerly Vice President, Affiliate Marketing, Century 21 (Cendant)
(currently President, Stickel Marketing Communications LLC)


“Barry combines both a strategic mindset with creative acumen in tackling difficult business challenges. He excels at ensuring marketing and communications are integrated within an organization’s management model for optimum success.”

Gary Grates, formerly President, Edelman Change (public relations)
(currently principal, W2O Group)

“Barry is incredibly detail oriented and thorough when it comes to business and marketing. He is a big thinker who has the ability to manage people and projects with ease. Barry is a delight to work with and work for.”

Julie Safer, formerly Vice President , Edelman Public relations
(currently Senior Vice President, PMK/HBH Public Relations)

“Barry Parrish is a highly aware, analytical marketing professional who put me through my paces in each and every presentation. His scrutiny and foresight pushed me to come up with innovative measuring tools for the investments he made to build a marketing program using our media. Although it was a challenge to find effective ways to show return, it was a pleasure to work with someone who really understood how to effectively build, implement & measure a strong campaign.”

Kimberly Ziegler,Associate Publisher, Questex Media Group
(Luxury Travel Advisor, Travel Agent and other industry magazines)

“Barry is a truly gifted marketing professional. He is extremely goal oriented, and has limitless energy and focus. Even though the demands of directing multiple departments (Sales, Marketing and Entertainment) were many, he was always accessible, open, thoroughly professional, and communicative. Our business demanded an extremely fast pace. When led by Barry, our department also became a tremendously progressive and exciting place to work. His leadership helped develop people and encouraged team members to exceed their own expectations.”

Debra Becker, formerly Advertising Manager, Turning Stone Resort & Casino
(currently Director of Print Buying, Raymour & Flanagan)


“I collaborated with Barry on several corporate marketing projects while we were both at Sunterra. Barry was very knowledgeable about how to drive business into our sales centers. He promptly addressed any issues we raised from a technology standpoint. Barry is very professional in his dealings with peers and clients. It was a pleasure working with him.”

Norbert Kubilus, CCP MBCS,formerly Senior VP & CIO, Sunterra Corporation
(currently Managing Director, Kubilus Ferry Group)


“Barry is a brilliant and innovative marketing communications professional. His ability to analyze market situations, express them in writing and develop innovative solutions to maximize client ROI made Barry one of the best colleagues in the advertising agency business with whom I have ever worked.”

James W. Norman,formerly Vice President, Management Supervisor , Grey Chicago
(currently President, 898 North, Marketing & Advertising)