Barry Parrish

Barry J. Parrish

4784 Dream Catcher Ave, Las Vegas, NV 89129

702-863-4041 | [email protected]

Innovative, strategic and visionary executive with diversified experience in high-profile environments at major corporations and renowned advertising agencies, not-for-profits and startups.
Marketing Strategist
Unique combination of analytical and creative skills, able to see the “big picture” and take concepts to reality. Expert in integrated marketing development and creating innovative strategies to maximize growth opportunities. Problem solver and critical thinker with excellent oral and written communications skills.
Brand Development
Proven reputation for increasing awareness, establishing brand positioning, leading product launches, developing comprehensive programs which generate leads and build sales.
Marketing Communications
Corporate and advertising agency experience combines to achieve better creative results, drive information, messaging and marketing communications that get results – winner of more than 100 awards for marketing, advertising and public relations excellence encompassing both traditional (tv, radio, print, etc.) and digital media (websites, online marketing, social media, SEM, PPC and SEO, etc.).
Team Leadership
Led departments of one, teams up to 400, consensus builder, empowers individuals and teams to exceed their greatest expectations. A team builder as well as team leader.
Sales Growth
Proven ability to grow start-up companies into $100 million organizations with multi-site operations, five-year sales growth records exceeding 1,000%.
Cost Control
Developed consolidation program to eliminate waste and duplication of effort, reducing annual operating costs by more than $400,000.
Maximize Performance
Excels at identifying and creating innovative strategies, strategic partnerships, key relationships, and building teams to deliver maximum financial and operational performance.
Customer/Franchisee/ Employee Relationships
Builds positive relationships of trust and integrity by understanding underlying needs, maintaining openness and transparency of programs, budgets and operations, strives for consensus, respect and awareness of singularity of goals and opportunities.
Strategic Partnerships
Highly effective building and expanding strategic partnerships, cooperative marketing and sales strategies which identify and secure new business opportunities.